Shark Loves the Amazon is based on years of research and dedication to the Amazon. Parts of it are in the following book.

The Last Forest

The Amazon in the Age of Globalization

By Mark London and Brian Kelly

Through a series of startling human encounters–interviews with government ministers and environmental crusaders, millionaire ranchers and disenfranchised slum dwellers–Mark London and Brian Kelly, longtime explorers and trailblazing chroniclers of the Amazon basin, trace the region’s transformation. Logging thousands of miles, London and Kelly take readers from the mushrooming shopping malls of Manaus to the pristine rain forest that still seems beyond the reach of civilization, from the ghostly ruins of abandoned factories and failed plantations to the thriving agribusinesses that one day may feed the entire world and change this landscape forever. Again and again, they collide with the same fundamental question: Is it too late to strike a balance in the Amazon between economic sustenance for the twenty-one million Brazilians who live there and protection for the world’s last great forest?

London and Brian Kelly have fashioned a complex, vibrant portrait of a region on the edge of crisis. At once a seductive journey and a searing account of political, environmental, and social tumult, The Last Forest is a masterpiece of contemporary reporting.

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Praise for The Last Forest

In a superb work of journalism, London and Kelly profile environmentalists, politicians, ranchers, and ordinary citizens; shrewdly consider the impact of new roads and wireless technology; and chronicle the ongoing destruction of forests and displacement of forest people to make way for cattle ranches and soybean fields. Appalling stories about corruption, the illegal logging, bloodshed over land titles, and murdered activists abound.


[London and Kelly] offer the unvarnished story of Brazil’s coming to grips with the utilization vs. the preservation of its natural resources…. This is an essential read for environmentalists, historians, economists, and those who are just awestruck by the Amazon’s ecosystem.

Library Journal, starred review

Mark London and Brian Kelly have done it again! The Last Forest is a thought-provoking and insightful book on the Amazon that deserves a place of honor on the bookshelves of everyone from field biologists to economic planners to armchair travelers to anyone who enjoys a great read.

Mark Plotkin, Ph.D, author of Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice